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yeh meri family tvf

Not to worry people, I am not gonna tell you about my family. In fact, I am going to tell you about a new web series started by TVF. It’s called ‘Yeh meri family‘, as the title suggests it is a family drama which portrays a small bubbly family from the 90’s. After such a long time finally, there is a show which the whole family can enjoy and relate to.

TVF has already aired two webisodes on TVFplay and is also available on youtube. TVF organized grand premieres of the show in New Delhi and Mumbai to celebrate the launch.

Yeh meri family is written by Saurabh Khanna and directed by Sameer Saxena, presented by Mutual Funds Sahi Hai. The series revolves around the summer of 1998 and the life of the Guptas. It’s a 7 episode story that is told from the perspective of the middle child of the Gupta family.


yeh meri family tvfyeh meri family tvfyeh meri family tvfyeh meri family tvf

The first episode opens with the streets of Jaipur where the radio is playing in the background and then you meet the Mummy of the house played by Mona Singh who is a strict but caring mother.

The role of the dad is being played by Akarsh Khurana.

Then you meet Harshu, a 12-year-old naughty boy played by Vishvesh Bansal. Who is frustrated by the whitewashing going on in the house during the summer holidays and is chatting with his best friend Shanky on the wireless? He has a cool father who is the engine of the family and his Shaktiman in case of emergencies.

Ahan Nirban is playing the role of ‘Dabbu’, a nerdy elder brother.

Harshu also has an adorable baby sister Dhwani, the apple of everyone’s eye played by Ruhi Khan.

The family has a strong bond within itself. All Harshu wants is all any 12 years old does, to play and have fun with his best friend during the summer vacations, but mom has different plans. Adding to the nostalgia, the second episode of the show highlights how mother strive to make their children’s birthday the most special day of the year for them.

Right from the heavy TV’s to the clothes, everything about the show will take you on a trip down the memory lane. Another thing that set this web series apart from all other is the amazing cast. Mona Singh opens the scene and shines in the role of a 90’s middle-class mother who is concerned about her family and studies of her children. The papa is just like any other dad who gets you smiling throughout the show.

The story revolves around and is shown from the perspective of Harshu, but all the people born in the 90s can easily relate to him. Each of the characters is so perfectly cast that you feel that this family could be your neighbors too. It is extremely relatable as how Harshu says he would only get a cycle if he gets 70% marks, I can bet this has happened to all of us born in the 90s once in their life. The happiness that we all had when on our birthdays for once we could wear casual clothes to school is evident and can’t be missed.

yeh meri family tvf

The most important thing it reminds you of everything great about summer- milk with Rooafza, Bournvita, visiting your uncle’s home, the baraf ka gola, sugarcane juice, excitement of setting up a collar in the house and how could one forget about the most awaited thing of summers….yes, you are right, MANGOES… as said by Harshu after waiting for a whole year seeing mangoes felt like meeting your long lost friend. Rightly said by him….” summer is not only a season but a big festival”. Not to mention the power cuts that happened whenever something good is going on.

Summer vacations used to be something everyone waits for back in school and the first episode of the show will remind you of everything you might have done as a child in the summers and it will definitely make you want to revisit your childhood.

All in all, it is a great web series to enjoy with your family or even alone. You could find the shade of our mom, dad and siblings in the characters of the show. It’s a must watch for everyone who wants to go down their memory lanes and relive the 90’s. This show is a total package of entertainment, drama, fun, and nostalgia that you will get when you watch it.

Episode 1

Episode 2


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