What is Jet Lag and how to beat it in an Effective Manner?

jet lag

Jet Lag and its Cure

The world is a global village, and people are getting globetrotters. People have taken up traveling as a hobby, so the distance between two places have reduced to a great extent due to the ease of mode of transportation has improved, to a great extent. People have always chosen comfort and traveling easier, as the flight prices have reduced many people opt for this which is also cause for jet lag.

What is Jet Lag?

Due to long traveling schedules, people are developing jet lag. Now, coming to the point, what basically is jet lag. It is basically a temporary sleep disorder occurring when the body’s internal clock is out of sync from a new time zone. Biologically it is referred to as being in the different light-dark cycle, as coined by Charmane Eastman, Ph.D., founding director the Biological Rhythms Research Lab at Rush University in Chicago. The sleep-wake cycle gets disputed and you get confused between tired, hungry, and you tend on losing your vacation mood.

So, we have come up with 10 tips to deal with jet lag, okay thank us later. Jet lag isn’t a disease so it does not usually require treatment. Just a few remedies and behavioral adjustments can help you overcome jet lag after you travel:

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Do Some Homework and Prepare Beforehand

If you know you get jet lags, you should be prepared beforehand, before you depart for the airport. Flying east is worse than flying west as this is because flying west causes your body to think your day’s getting longer whereas going east makes it think the day is shorter. So how to get adjusted to it? If you are flying east, try to sleep earlier than usual and if flying west stay a few hours awake.

One another hack is, arriving in the afternoon instead of midnight or early morning hours so that you can grab a bite and head to bed. When the time of the trip comes, your sleep schedule should be close to that of your destination.

If you are traveling to a new time zone, set your watch to that beforehand

You should be well aware of the transition beforehand, so that once you land you are aware of all the time zone. Once you are in the plane, set the watch to the new destination’s locals and keep yourself awake if it’s a daytime.

Try Melatonin

This is a kind of medicine, taking melatonin supplements helps in adjusting to the circadian rhythms. Melatonin is a natural hormone for giving a signal when the body is supposed to sleep. Doctors suggest that 0.5 mg is very effective but don’t forget to consult your doctor.

Avoid Caffeine and alcohol consumption

Both coffee and hard drinks interfere with the sleep patterns and disturb the ability to stay awake or sleep, so it should be avoided while you fly. But, every once in a while, you should get a glass of water to keep your hydration game on. Even fruit juices can be consumed and are considered healthy.


Outdoor activities have never known to be harmful. Moderate exercise help in adjusting to the new set of sunlight and temperature.

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Consumption of Sleeping pills

Though it should be avoided taking regularly. It should be used specifically on a short-term basis. Sleeping pills will help you to adjust to the new time zone after you land. If you take a hypnotic sleeping pill, that will help you in getting proper sleep but do remember to consult your doctor first.

Don’t eat to fill your stomach up.

Tempted to eat whatever is provided to you on your flight? This had a big influence on your jetlag. Try avoiding meat, fish, or eggs in huge quantity. Even carbs make you feel tired and sleepy. Light rice, pasta et al are preferred.

Plan overnight stays to avoid jet lags

Before you travel, search for a cozy place, eat some good food and research about the place, so that you don’t miss out on the main destinations and you can easily adjust. A small stopover for long journeys can be of a great help. You’ll have gotten to see another destination along the way and at the same time, you won’t be jet lagged.

Take it easy for the first few days

During the first few days of your stay, get used to the environment and the time zone. Wait for the main adventure for a day or two. Don’t engage yourself in a lot of physical activities that tire you. And if you are traveling from a cold area to a hot area, and vice versa your body will be needing time to adjust so take your time accordingly. After a long journey, your body needs time to acclimatize. If you are feeling tired and restless, make peace with your body first. Avoid indulging in more vigorous activity on the first few days of your stays.

Sunlight or darkness therapy

Adjust yourself to the light. Get some fresh air after a long flight, as it is very dry in the plane. If you will be reaching the destination on daytime, keep the seat lights on as long as possible, and if you are reaching at night, put an eye mask, and use earphones this therapy works very well. Doing this can keep your body calm. You can prefer listening to an audiobook or soothing music so that you fall asleep.

Dring but Water

Drink enough water to keep your body hydrated, The dehydration could be the worst you could get. Also, it’s recommended in a long flight to keep drinking enough water.

Readjust before heading home again

It’s your body and you will be knowing it the best. If you practice all the above steps and keep yourself on the bed a little longer, you will notice your jet lag isn’t so bad after you head back home. And in case you suspect you’ll be facing with jetlag symptoms on your way home then prepare yourself before departing to your home time zone.


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