Blocked Websites and how to Unblock them using Unblocked Proxies

unblocked proxies

Blocked Websites and how to Unblock them using Unblocked Proxies

Restrictions are put on various websites by the government of various countries, schools, and even business houses. This is generally done to reduce the distraction from various unwanted websites. For instance, a business house may block social media websites to avoid employees to use them and maybe just to annoy them. Maybe, who knows? Although, you can unblock these websites by using simple methods and unblocked proxies which I am going to discuss today.

Here are few ways which will definitely help you to unblock proxies:

SOLUTION 1: Using a Proxy Server

A proxy server is your best friend when it comes to becoming an inter-mediator between the website and your computer. If you are not able to visit a website directly because of restriction then the proxy server is your savior. This service helps you to access blocked websites as well as interact with them.

There are many proxy servers available but the most recommended servers are mentioned here:

Here are simple steps with the help of which you can use this service:

Step 1: Visit the proxy website Type the URL in the box
Step 2: Press enter and Now you can simply access the website without any restrictions as an anonymous user.

Who knew it would be this much simple? But these unblocked proxies servers also have a big downside as they may load a little bit slow and may not show some of the web pages of the website.

Read More:-

SOLUTION 2: Translation Service is also a Good Option

There are several translation services available on the internet like Google Translator, Yahoo Babelfish, Microsoft translation and many more. But did you know that these translation services can actually help you to access blocked websites? If no, then let me tell you that these are exactly similar to proxy services and can help you to visit the desired website directly.

Let me tell you how:

  • Simply visit Microsoft translator or Bing Translator.
  • Type the address of the blocked website and choose to translate it into English.
  • That’s it! now you will be able to visit the restricted website just like an unrestricted one.

SOLUTION 3(The safest & best one): Virtual Private Network

Last but not the least, virtual private networks are the best option to access blocked proxies. This is because virtual private network creates a secure intermediate between your computer and the website. This restricts the third parties to monitor it.

Also, you become a completely anonymous person as your online identity is completely hidden which gives it a thumbs up when it comes to security. VPN are a little expensive but if you can afford it then this is the best option to access blocked websites.

Some of the widely popular VPN websites and unblocked proxies list are as follows:

  • TunnelBear: TunnelBear is a Canada based virtual private network which available publicly.
  • CyberGhost: If you are looking for the most reliable privacy as well as security solutions then CyberGhost is the best choice for that.
  • Golden Frog: Another popular name under popular VPN websites is Golden Frog. It provides various cyber solutions globally.
  • KeepSolid: As the name suggests, it helps to keep your privacy solid and also allows you to keep a track of the same.


So, now you know how to access those blocked websites using unblocked proxies list. Go ahead and explore your favorite ones. However, do not ever forget that you can always be tracked by cyber police so do not commit something which might bring you behind the bars.


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