for a more productive week
for a more productive week

Just imagine, it’s Monday morning. You can barely drag yourself out of your bed. When you finally manage to get out, you realize that there is a lot to be done today. You are totally exhausted just by thinking about all the pending work.Well, my friend that’s the scenario with most of us. Each one of us wakes up every Monday to a heap of pending undone chores and work. The first day of the week just got all spoiled and messes up. You don’t have a lunch packed, your desk is a mess, you’re email inbox is full, more junk mail than work mail. It’s gonna be a long day.What if we do all these stuff in our free time on the weekends. Weekends always seem to go quickly, but they are longer than we think. There are 60 hours between the 6 p.m. Friday beer and that 6 a.m Monday morning alarm clock. Even after sleeping for 24 hours, you still got those 36 hours left to be productive and reduce the Monday morning stress. It’s not in all our head: there is such a thing as “Sunday Night Blues” to make the weekend for a more productive week ahead.

We all think of Sunday as the last day of the week whereas we can make our Sundays more productive if we think it to be the first day of the week and start fresh with Sunday itself. Monday mornings will feel less dreadful and less overwhelming because you’ve already got yourself into that mindset. I do what I can do on my Sundays to make sure the rest of the week will be smooth sailing.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make our Sundays more productive:-


First things first, nobody likes to wake up on Monday to a dirty misplaced house. The very basic thing we can do is start our day by cleaning our stuff and home. I know it’s hard and consumes a lot of time but trust me, once you are done with the cleaning you can yourself feel the difference around you. Space feels big and clear also allowing more breathing space to us. And when you wake up on Monday morning you would be more sorted and would easily get all your stuff. Let’s not forget about the proud moment when you see your home spick and span.


On weekdays it’s almost impossible to do your work and do exercise together. In fact, leave your workout sessions for weekends. Dump your beds on Sunday mornings instead get up, put those shoes on and hit the gym, go for a walk, walk your dog in case you don’t have one then walk your neighbor’s dog for God sake, but just move out of your house and stretch a bit. Move your body as much as you can. If you are not a gym person then get yourself enrolled in some weekend dance class for a more productive week.


When it comes to having a more productive week, this is my most effective way to do it. Having these tasks laid out before the week starts will allow you to jump right into them Monday morning. Nothing can be accomplished without having any kind of plan in my mind. Keep your Sundays for making plans and deciding and allocating work for the whole week ahead of you. It not only makes you more organized but also determined to complete that work on time. Make a planner and write everything done you wish to do in the following week. Take some digital help like Google notes, Evernote etc and make planning fun.

#4. CLEAN YOUR DESK for a more productive week

If you work from home, clean your desk off on Sunday so you start the week with the clean desk. Put anything you’ll need for Monday’s projects front and center. If you don’t work from home, this is best done Friday afternoon before you leave for the weekend. A clear deck means a clear mind. Create empty space for yourself to work. Don’t let kind of kinds of stuff clutter around or over your work desk.


When you are busy the whole week to just earn some money for living, take out some of your time on Sundays to just do what you love. As we grow up we tend to forget are hobbies or interest in different activities we used to have earlier. Each day goes on without any difference. So take some time for yourself and start pursuing one or more of your hobbies on Sunday for a more productive week ahead. It will make your Sunday a lot different from the other days thus giving you energy for the week ahead.


Even if you live alone or with someone else, waking up on weekdays and thinking about what to take for lunch can be a troublesome job to do. That is why there is a Sunday in our lives, to sort all things out beforehand. Make a list of food you are gonna prepare next week. Go shopping if the supply is less. Do preparation for your meal beforehand. Chop the vegetables, cut the fruits and keep them in an airtight container. Thus, when you wake up the next morning all you got to do is put the stuff in a pan and cook it, no extra time wasted for preparation of food. This helps in reducing the tendency of ordering a take out when you are short of time.

These are the simple ways for a more productive week.


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