Priyanka and Nick relationship so far

Priyanka and Nick relationship

This Bollywood-Hollywood crossover is more exciting than ever. But are Priyanka Chopra and singer Nick Jonas really together. The world has been keen to know about Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. They have been spotted in many places together and on more than one occasion. The paparazzi have a new mission right now. Here are the highlights on the Priyanka and Nick relationship so far

Priyanka on Jimmy Kimmel live

Priyanka and Nick relationship

“We were both wearing Ralph Lauren and we decided to go together because it was fun,” this was her reaction when asked about if they were dating, but now everything is clear to us.

Taking your girl on a date for a sport is a great thing. Some wine, beer, the game and your girl. The onlookers said they were very into each other. And they looked into each other’s eyes lovingly.
Flirting in Instagram comments
Just like couples do, they left cute comments on each other’s Instagram, indicating they miss you. Because of its nature.

Introducing her to his family

Priyanka and Nick relationship

Just like Priyanka introduced Nick to her mom and cousins in Goa, she attended on his cousin’s wedding, making it truly official.

Getting Nick to Mumbai

Priyanka and Nick relationship

This was the biggest bomb to break the India Internet. She stepped out holding hands with Nick for a dinner the relationship got confirmed. And furthermore, Nick posted a video of her in the Instagram story.

Weekend getaway in Goa

Priyanka and Nick relationship

This is the biggest milestone in their relationship yet, here Nick met her entire family and in an Instagram story she put a photo of her brother and Nick and captioned it as my favorite men.

Engagement rings?

Priyanka and Nick relationship 

Don’t freak-out but what it seems is during the entire time in Mumbai, the tiny detail that everyone missed is the matching Gold ring on both Priyanka and Nick’s hand. We don’t know if it was the union in official sense or just a fashion sense.


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