life of a PG student
life of a PG student

You live in an area with bleak educational opportunities, or you find better prospects within your reach away from home.
So you move. Alone in a new city and live the Life of a PG student.

Your parents look into the residential prospects. And the obvious answer?
Life of a PG student has its upsides, as well as downsides.
Let’s look at the things that surround the life of a PG student.

#1. Stepping up your slang game is the Life of a PG student

If you’re from a different place, then moving might be difficult.
The first problem would be the language issues!
People have different speaking styles, and slangs of every place differ.
Crack those, before you do anything else!

#2. Cultures differ

The culture of each place obviously differs. If you’re from Madhya Pradesh, you would die for a plate of Poha as breakfast. And you would get it as well!
But in Delhi? You’ll probably have to adjust with Chhole Bhature, people.

#3. Agree or not, you’re gonna miss your parents

Eventually, you’re gonna miss your parents. And that applies to even a parent-hating imbecile!
You find a lot of convenience at your home, with care when you get sick as the first thing.
But in a PG? It’s only gonna be you. So you better keep your friends close!

#4. Probably no shortage of money

You’re probably gonna have a lot of money if you live in a PG. Generally, parents are scared of their child living alone far away from them.
Their only way to ensure he/she can take care of himself? Money.
You’re gonna get money to buy new books or any other thing you need at once, even if you’ve to beg your mother to serve you food at your own home!

#5. The love for flats

PGs are great. The only problem? The khadoos uncle/aunty in-charge of taking care of you.
If you come in late, they’ll probably tell on your parents, and that’s not a good news, right?
This is why every PG student DIES to get a flat.
But the parents always prevail.
Whims of the optimistic PG student dies.

#6. Food’s a problem

At first, you’re gonna love it. You’re gonna LOVE eating food from stalls and restaurants every day, to avoid the crappy food in PG.
But as the time goes, you’re gonna miss your mother’s home cooked meal, even if Karela‚Äôs on the plate!
So yeah, that’s a real problem.

#7. Taking your bag every time you leave

You know, that’s important in the Life of a PG student.
Or else, won’t the uncle know you’re going to loiter around?!
Now, if you don’t, be smart and play safe! ;D



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