important tips for an interview

Interviews mean Sleepless Nights, anxiety, and a lot of stress. No, we aren’t discussing some disease here. These are some of the dangerous symptoms of interview phobia. most of the candidates suffer depression and lose their confidence. It is important to know if you fit the job well beforehand. So, analyze the prerequisites for a job well before the interview.

Here are some of the important tips for an interview.

#1. Understand Job Requirement

rush for a job, read the requirements very well and find if you are fit for the job. Knowing your inner strengths very well that what the job needs. This will make it easier for you to appear in the interview. ask for job description, find if it fulfills your criteria.

Always reach beforehand and reach 10 mins before call time. Punctuality creates a lasting effect and impression. If you reach late it creates a bad impression. being late just gives out the wrong impression.

#2. Overcome the Fear of Rejection

Don’t fear to fail. failing and getting up is an integral part of life. Sometimes it is not the interview which scares us it is the fear of rejection that scares us.

#3. Know and prepare well

Sometimes the first impression in the interview lasts forever prepare yourself well. Do some homework but don’t be aggressive and overconfident.

Research on your cv and prepare yourself according to what the company needs. Be clear about your short-term and long-term goals.

#4. Interview manners are very important

Bad manners are a turn-off. mind your manners well don’t bang the door, shake your hand firmly, greet the interviewers, ask before you take your seat and sit up straight during the interview that reflects your confidence.

#5. Be honest with your answers

Be honest with your answers and do your homework well before because lying could backfire the most.

Rememeber it is okay to not know everything. If you don’t know something owns that up and accept the fact. avoid giving a wrong and a poor response is important tips for an interview.

#6. Ask for a feedback at the end of the interview

This creates a positive impression, Irrespective of how your interview goes. The company feels that the candidate is willing to work properly and is willing to improve.

#7. Be realistic with your salary expectation

Salary is an important aspect for every job but in an interview never ask for unexpected hikes. Unexpected hikes prove that you just keep changing your job for money


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