Cool things to do in Mumbai during monsoon

Cool things to do in Mumbai during monsoon

You are missing something really special in your life if you never get to spend monsoon in Mumbai. There is something special about Mumbai during the monsoon and can’t decide whether the city is more ecstatic or the weather.

To make sure that you spend the most memorable time in the Mumbai monsoon there are few things which you shouldn’t miss:

Enjoy the filmy moments from your balcony, if you have one:

if you are someone who is a true Bollywood lover then it’s time to relive all those iconic scenes. It’s time to sit near the window pane and just look out while you imagine yourself being in a music video. I believe everyone’s done that once.

A long drive to Lonavla:

if you are someone who is wanderlust then it’s the best time to travel to the cities near Mumbai! Lonavla is your best choice for that and all you need to do is gather your best buddies to join you for a road trip. And yeah! Can you also swap your best buddies with someone special for a romantic trip maybe?

A romantic walk at Juhu beach:

how can we forget the beaches of Mumbai during the monsoon. Beaches are the second most romantic thing in Mumbai after its monsoon. So why not spend time with your bae while just walking barefoot on the beach. Who is already getting ‘Wake up Sid’ feels like me?

Best scenic beauty at Marine Drive: how on the earth is it possible that we talk about Mumbai and not talk about Marine Drive? Especially when it’s raining Marine Drive is the best place to hang out with your close friends and even family. So head out of your house for an inexpensive but irreplaceable get-together.

Have corns (of course) at Bandra Bandstand:

I personally believe that corns or bhuttas (i love this word!) should be officially declared as monsoon food of India. But if you do not like it then I have serious questions for your taste buds (No offense please). There is no replacement of corns during this season and when we are talking about Mumbai Monsoons then its kinda compulsory.

These were few things which should be on the top of your bucket list if you are spending monsoon in Mumbai. However, you should also take precautions during this season. Never step out of your house without an umbrella or a raincoat to make sure that you are always on the safer side.



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