Bring back childhood memories- Best 90s TV shows

bring back childhood memories
bring back childhood memories

We all grew up watching television with some quality shows around on Doordarshan or Disney. We all hope it bring back childhood memories as you cram through this list for the shows you watched growing up while your mom scolded you for going back to study!

Believe me, I had infinite such encounters in my case. First one on the animated tv front, is


This is one of the shows, each child knows about even now above all the rest.

Metro Goldwyn Pictures earned a fortune with this hit, and all they had to show was a cat chasing a mouse and getting beaten into shape with the mouse’s outsmarting tactics and by beaten into shape, I literally mean shapes.

So you remember the numerous ridiculous shapes Tom’s head would mold into! Ironing table, dustbin caps, doors, mouse holes and even the mighty anchors would mean a new shape.

2. Duck Tales

This series had an amazing theme song which was at everyone’s lips during the time and the richest person and miser, Taking a swim in his own money “ Uncle Scrooge” was an amazing person with his 3 grandnephews who has something or the other going on their life always. The theme song can still bring back childhood memories.

A famous television show to cherish the memories of childhood can’t keep this out of the list.


This show’s rating went over the roof since it first aired.

Well, what was not to like a popular girl, a cool dad, some idiotic friends, and a crazy gross brother.
Voila! A winning formula.

Miley Cyrus, a pop sensation was a high school kid who had to conceal her real identity of being a super popular pop star, Hannah Montana from all the school with her family and friends helping her do that, to lead a normal life.

One thing still bugs me, How on earth people didn’t recognize her with just a wig? It shows how dumb probably we were back then.


Oh, who doesn’t remember this tv show!

First of all, I myself remember begging my mom to buy me such a magic pencil, for the sole purpose of drawing delicious food and having some fun and as compared to Sanju, first of the reason that I think to have much better drawing skills.

For the ones who did not watch the show, it featured a boy named Sanju, and his gang of friends, who fought all kinds of magical villains, through the sole power of the magic pencil because anything drawn by the pencil emerged to real life. Sanju with his “good” drawing skills, they fought magical villains who wanted the same pencil.

Ironically, as a result of the magical pencil boy saved himself and other people by drawing stuff, Rather he was average with his drawing skills.  I hope it brings back childhood memories of the magical world.


This was another magical entertainment feature with Farida Jalal and Shruti Seth in the lead, it was another show where one of the magicians messed things up because of which everyone else went on clearing the mess created!

In the show, Farida Jalal is the only skilled magician with the main queen threatening to take the powers if they misuse them.

Well, that’s not fair!

6. Shaktiman

Everybody wanted to be saved by shaktiman (Pandit Gangadhar” Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri) an amazing series aired first on Doordarshan launched on Saturday when everyone bunked the schools for the shows, as a result, they had to shift the show to a Sunday morning due to high popularity.

Mukesh Khanna has done an amazing series which was loved by many and was a star of its own time i still get a chance to watch this and I’ll not skip even a episode as it is one of the best shows to bring back childhood memories.



Believe me, I became a disciple of Maa Durga till the actual running of the show but still, I do not know why I was never given the magical ring which made me turn into a superhero.

A hero tortured by his friends was able to transform into a superhero due to the magical ring. He got the help of two companions, in Dholu and Babli, powers of whom, should better not be discussed here! although I never got the chance to wear such a cool magical ring, Joy Sehgal had some real fun with it but had to hide his real cool identity with everyone else.

What a bummer. I swear he wouldn’t have been messed around first of all if he would’ve told people.


Most people might know Selena Gomez, seems like most of us probably recognize her as Alex of the wizard of Waverley Place Working in a diner and almost everytime she really messed things, on her learning curve of using and applying magic, while her parents stopped her and certainly were pretty right in doing so.

She almost every time put people and the diner in jeopardy.


All these shows literally made my childhood, and the tv shows in the 90s was a golden era. We asked for more and begging the life of the characters lived, I hope this does bring back childhood memories.


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