Bollywood celebrities who powered through life-threatening situations


Bollywood films have given us many iconic directors and heroic figures which are totally an example of bravery and valor.

Apart from reel life bravery, many Bollywood celebrities have faced tough situations in their real life and have succeeded.

After all, filmy scenes happen in real life as well. Get to know some of these heroic figures from the industry.

Manisha Koirala:

This beautiful actress was ruling the industry in the 90s, but suddenly a hurricanes hit her door. The actress was diagnosed with a severe ovarian cancer! But this didn’t stop her from being unstoppable and she was cured after a painful treatment.

She then continued her career and was recently seen in playing an important role in the movie ‘Sanju’.

Amitabh Bachchan:

Yes. You heard that right, the Big B of Bollywood has also faced some major downs in his life. He went through a serious accident when he was shooting for his film ‘Coolie’. His chances of living were almost nil as he became both physically and mentally ill.

However, the actor managed to fulfill all his professional commitments just after few months of this mishappening. Indeed he is truly the superstar of the century, both in reel and real life!


The evergreen beauty Mumtaz face a major downhill in her life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The actress went through 6 chemotherapies and 35 radiations as a part of her treatment. That’s cruel. But she stood brave and gave a bold statement that she will not give up easily. Her willingness to live clearly won and she was better than ever.

Shahrukh Khan:

The King Khan of Bollywood is the perfect example of how a gentleman should be! From being a world-famous actor to being a father, he has won hearts of all. But cruel life didn’t even spare him. He has gone through 8 major surgeries in the tenure of 25 years but still manages to smile most beautifully with his adored dimples in place. His courage cannot be measured, but can surely be respected.

A major salute to all these figures who have set perfect examples of how to be the strongest and face all that life has to offer. I cannot even imagine the pain which they and they are loved have gone through but can wish the best for them.

The place they belong to be in, they’ve all got it. So, life worked out for well after all.


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