Best Indian web series, That Are An Absolute Must Watch.

best Indian web series

While India is yet to explore this field properly, the television-based filmmakers are working on it. The web series directors and producers are experimenting with various niches and trying to please the Indian audiences. They serve a wide range of topics basically that attracts the youth. Here is the list of best Indian web series which is shortlisted based on our team’s review:

1. The Viral Fever’s pitchers

best Indian web series

This was one of the best Indian web series targeting the youth. This show gathered so much acclaim that it made it to the list IMDb’s top 250 TV series. This show focuses on how four young professionals quit their 9-5 job and join the entrepreneurial world. This series is very motivating for working professionals. Each episode is 40 minutes long.


2. Yeh meri family

yeh meri family tvf

Yeh meri family is written by Saurabh Khanna and directed by Sameer Saxena, presented by Mutual Funds Sahi Hai. The series revolves around the summer of 1998 and the life of the Guptas. It’s a 7 episode story that is told from the perspective of the middle child of the Gupta family.

3. The permanent roommates

Best Indian web series

The permanent roommates focus on a couple with a long-distance relationship and after 3 years they finally meet and are set to get married. This story doesn’t seem superficial and is very relatable to the current era. Interesting while reserve the 2nd place in the list of the Best Indian web series.

4. The Tripling

Best Indian web series

The tripling is a story of three siblings who go for a road trip under forced circumstances. This storyline focuses on unstable marriage, divorce and the three siblings find solace with each other’s company when they share. The family is often the answer to most of our problems.

5. The Aam Aadmi Family

Best Indian web series

The Aam Aadmi Family, this story revolves around five entirely opposite personalities, in a middle-class family. This series deals with day to day working in a family, where common people can easily relate to, they present the truth with a twist.

6. Sex chat with pappu & papa

Best Indian web series

Sex chat with pappu & papa, this is an educational series, about sex education that we generally don’t get in school. Pappu is a curious kid who keeps asking his dad the most inappropriate questions and the Papa gets back with the most relevant answers to explain Pappu about how it works. This is a one of a kind series dealing with sensitive topics and way it is directed has placed itself in the Best Indian web series.

7. Undefeated – soldiers of courage

best Indian web series

Undefeated – soldiers of courage, focus on the real life of soldiers. This youtube flick is based on real-life heroes and hardships they have to face to keep the people safe. If in general, you are interested in the army, this is a must watch. Some of the stories show from the starting of training day till they retire.


best Indian web series

BANG BAAJA BAARAAT focuses on present-day culture and has a hilarious take on marriages, the story revolves around a recently met couple who decides to get married. The story focuses on how they struggle and cope pressure from the parents when everything is new, jolly and happening you got to find whats in the store. Watch to know about it. Will love be difficult?

9. A.I.SHA

best Indian web series

A.I.SHA the first Indian web series about sci-fi world. In this, a man created his artificial intelligence and in return that harms and overpowers him. The series follows an amazing storyline and has a nail-biting end. Produced by Roadies fame Raghu Ram, this is a must watch.

I hope you enjoyed the list about the topmost Best Indian web series and let us know about any additions on these by your comments below.


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