Forget the boons, here are the banes of living in the Indian capital!

living in the Indian capital
living in the Indian capital

“Dilli hai dilwaalo ki”
You might’ve heard this a million times, and all right probably I’m exaggerating. but you would’ve heard this a couple of times wherever you live there are many cool things why people might migrate to living in the Indian capital could be the same because of the job opportunities, or higher studies

But let me tell you- all these “better education” and “better prospects” nonsense needs to stop now.
Why do you ask?

Because the Delhi we know is no more the same.
Let me take you through some pointers.

#1. Better job opportunities? Nonsense!

The place is filled with people who moved in for better jobs.
Well, did you get them?
You know, Delhi is a metro city, with lots of scholars fighting neck and neck for a good job.
The competition is therefore so high, that you really need to work hard to get a good opportunity and survive living in the Indian capital is difficult.

#2. Pollution, Oh Pollution.

Currently, the air we breathe living in the Indian capital is deadly. The particulate matter in the city just crossed 500.
Such situations are just not good for the living!
Every time you check, the air quality is under the red area.
Do have a look right now!

#3. Water table decline

Studies suggest that by 2020, Delhi will run out of the water, along with Bengaluru.
It’s enough to make you see, how a long-term settlement plan is just not going to work here.
Delhi is being soaked out of all fresh groundwater, and that is a certain deadly situation.

#4. Crowd living in the Indian capital

People. Everywhere you see, you’ll find them living in the Indian capital. The place is super crowded and Metro is the evident example.
This makes things really difficult, with queues everywhere and traffic jams common.
It makes commute difficult, and you are sure to face problems if you don’t take a provision of
15 minutes as “late due to population problems” everywhere you go.

#5. Unsafe Environment

Recent studies reported India as the most unsafe country for women.
Delhi is one great contributor.
In every 4 hours, a woman is raped in the capital.
This makes it a seriously unsafe place to live in, and certainly not a place to raise kids!

#6. Not a good place to raise kids

As we saw above, Delhi is an unsafe place for women.
At the same time, there are various people who are not a good impression for a minor, and many instances where he might be threatened.
At the same time, colleges do offer exposure, but they also lead to meeting people which might take your child on the wrong track.

So raising a child, might not be the best of ideas.

Such are the banes of living in the Indian capital a congested, unsafe, and polluted city like Delhi.
So if you’re looking to move, I think you should reconsider.


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