There are many things which a person wants to experience in the life that God has given him “You have only one life” is what people say and you would only want to do the things which you enjoy to stay clear of all the sorrow. Today, I am going to go ahead and do something a little less conventional instead of the things I do want to do, I will tell you about my ANTI BUCKET LIST which I never want to experience in my life.

An Anti-Bucket list

Yes before you go on and read it, I just want to tell you that these are things according to my perception Yours might differ so please don’t get offended or think otherwise, alright?

Let’s begin the list

#1. Piercing the top pick of the ANTI BUCKET LIST

Piercing hurts, It seems ridiculous to me to pierce a hole in your body, and hang a steel ring through it.

Along with the piercing being painful, carrying a weight on your ear, or any other body part, It might become irritating at times. Don’t you think?

Yes, yes. It may be common for a woman to do so, and I respect the male who do as well but it is surely something I will never do in my life.

#2. Tattoos

Tattoos seem cool but to me only on others, The people may find it interesting to get themselves inked but the pain of it all surely outweighs its benefits.

I don’t want my skin to be injected with some kind of ink so that everyone can see a snake drawn on my arm!

First of all, it’s painful. It’s downright painful. and the second thing which even you might agree initially it may look good but after a while the same things gets boring but you have to live with it forever.

It may seem ridiculous, but it is true it’s in the ANTI BUCKET LIST

#3. Dying my hair

The perception regarding dying the hair is similar to getting inked. Keeping aside the pain part, I do not want my hair dyed. The reason behind it is The possibilities of hair damage and I believe in natural beauty.

You know, like most people, I like my hair. And I like them over my head.
Even though there may be many serums which may keep your hair healthy, I just do not want to take a risk of going bald in my thirties!

There have been many scientifically proven resources which have shown that dying your hair certainly harms it.
So hair dying? A big no for me.

#4 Going non-vegetarian

I am certainly not judging the nonvegetarian people reading this post, but I have my own perception of staying vegetarian.
I love animals and everything about them.

For me, it is cruel to eat another living being on this planet, and I myself cannot take this pain very important from my ANTI BUCKET LIST

Many people find non-veg delicacies much more delicious than the vegetarian, but have you ever tried pav bhaji?
I guess I am happy with the vegetarian food.

#5 Go on a cruise

No, no, no. I am certainly not the dull dud that you imagine me being. I am a person who does like to explore things. But only on land.

A cruise is a somewhat fun thing to do, but I myself do not feel safe being on water since I am utterly terrified of it.
I took swimming lessons until I was 14 years old so that I can overcome that fear. I am a good swimmer now but still completely terrified of water.

This is why I would better stay on land, rather than go on a cruise.
I certainly don’t want to go on a ship, since there may be the slightest possibility of something like “Titanic” happening all over again.
Uh, chills.

#6 Going for a hunt

As you might have already read above, I am an animal lover. So going for a hunt is something you can easily suspect me not being a part of. There have been many instances of species going endangered and even extinct, due to the harmful activities of us, the humans and going for a hunt means to kill off a speechless life, just for fun, or to use as a wall hanging.
It may be fun for many, but I certainly don’t find it interesting.
This is why I would rather skip going on a hunt, but rather explore the wildlife and go on a trek or for a walk in the forest.

#7 Acupuncture

Acupuncture is supposedly one of the most effective ways to treat the small ailments and bring peace to your life.
It may certainly be effective in what it does, but I cannot take the excruciating pain of someone pinching a hole in my body with the help of thousands of needles just to find some inner peace.

I would not be at peace with something like that happening to me. So, these are some things which I never want to experience in my life. Many people find my ideas differing from their own, and it is certainly their choice to choose what they want. We might think that it isn’t, but there is just not enough time to experience everything that you love.

Comment below to let us know about your ANTI BUCKET LIST.


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