How to Check Airtel Broadband Data Usage (Airtel Smartbytes)?

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Check Airtel Broadband Data Usage (Airtel Smartbytes)

Let’s admit it, we all come across situations where we are using our internet connection and it goes off in the middle of our work. It sucks to see the downloading to stop in between just because you were not aware of the data left. Well..the only solution of this is to check your data regularly to keep a check on it. So that once you know that you have less data left for this month you will use it wisely. Although, checking the data usage is quite an irritating task but not for Airtel users as they have a simple method to check their Airtel broadband data usage with the help of a smart manager called smartbytes”.

If you use the broadband connection offered by Airtel then we have the simplest way for you to check your internet usage and yes, it is also quite fast to use. A simple Airtel account will help you to check your monthly data usage anytime anywhere.

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What is Airtel Smartbytes?

Before jumping towards how you can check your data with the help of Smartbytes let us first understand what actually is smartbytes offered by Airtel!

Smartbytes is a simple application which helps you to manage the usage of your monthly internet for the Aritel broadband. It will help you to know about your regular data usage with the help of which you will be able to set up a limit to the usage of your monthly data. Basically, it will help you not to splurge your Internet carelessly. It even sends you regular alerts regarding the status of your monthly data usage just like a morning alarm.

How to check Airtel broadband data usage (Smartbytes)? now you know how Airtel SmartBytes is helpful for you and the next step is to know how does it work.

Follow these steps:

First of all, let me tell you that you do not need any kind of tedious registration process or even login into your personal account to use this.

You will be able to get all the details of your plan just by visiting the URL which is from your Airtel broadband connection and directly go to the broadband menu or click on the broadband image. Make sure that you are connected with the Airtel broadband to check.

Here, you will find all the details regarding your internet connection and all kinds of usage details. Be it the data left for usage or browse other monthly plans to change your current plan you will find everything at this website.


  • Visit Airtel website
  • Register using your phone number
  • Visit account information tab
  • Choose Airtel DSL number
  • Click on the unbilled amount to see the Airtel broadband data usage and how much data is left.

Can it get any simpler? At least I don’t think so. So, go ahead and use your data without any fear as that job is done by SmartBytes for you.

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