habits women must have to be successful

Lately, I have been thinking that how can one know if a woman is successful or not. Does success mean a high paying job? Living a lavish lifestyle? Partying in all big places? Having a great amount of money in your bank? Running your own business? Maybe success is to have a happy and healthy family?

Whatever the word “successful” means to each and every one of us, There are certain habits that all successful people tend to have. I have always been fascinated by the little, everyday habits that are shared by so many successful and creative people.


Successful women know her own value and know that she needs a time out to rejuvenate and just focus on herself. One cannot take care of everyone else and everything else if you don’t first take care of yourself, and a successful woman not only knows this, but she also puts it into practice. Doesn’t matter how busy she is? How many meetings are left to attend? A woman knows how to take care of herself and have some time to her own.


It is something that every successful person, whether a man or a woman tends to do.

Someone said “failing to plan means planning to fail”. Planning helps us to do our work more effectively. People are 33% more likely to complete their goals if they write down their goals and share and send weekly goal updates to a friend.


It is vitally important to know the ins and outs of your finances, to be on top of your financial situation. Successful women are successful because they can manage the important areas of their lives.

Financial stability is such a massive part of life – and that doesn’t mean you have to earn a six-figure paycheck.
A successful woman doesn’t live a champagne life on a beer budget.


A woman knows the power of a smile and uses it. A successful woman knows that we all get further in this world by being nice and smiling, our mothers taught us so.

No resting bitch face here, Do you realize how different you feel if you smile? And what about when you smile at someone else? I challenge you to smile at a complete stranger today. Chances are they will smile back. That means your smile just made someone else smile. That’s pretty darn powerful.


A successful woman knows that work isn’t everything, all the time. Sure, there are times in her life when work needs to come first and that’s okay- but she knows that she can step away and it’s okay. She can switch work off, step away and enjoy herself.


As a hermit with deeply ingrained introverted tendencies, I can confirm that failing to interact with friends or family for more than a few days at a time makes me feel unsettled.

We’re humans, and we all need some form of social interaction. A study conducted confirms that everyone feels happier when they socialize, introverts included. If small talk makes you uncomfortable, that’s okay. Have meaningful conversations.

It’s hard to keep up your relationships when you’re blazing your path, but having a strong support system is important. Plus, you never know whose help you may need down the road. When time is short, focusing on the small gesture that takes seconds is your best strategy.


We all know exercise can keep you running on all cylinders. The successful woman makes sure they move regularly but what’s interesting is that they all choose the same method: yoga.

Yoga not only is the practice a do-anywhere kind of thing which makes it great for travel but it’s been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, which makes for a calmer, centered, more capable you. She knows healthy doesn’t always mean going to the gym. Healthy isn’t only exercise and food intake. Healthy is a mindset, it is about our whole life. It encompasses everything we do, every day. A successful woman knows the importance of her health and makes it a priority.


To pursue a high level of success, you must overcome adversity in all its forms. Over the last several decades’ many women have poured themselves into their work to make their dreams become realities, and they’re remembered for who they are and not just what they have done. They have overcome stereotypes, unfair laws and male-centered workplace practices to achieve their dreams, paving the way for more women to follow suit. Their daily habits have helped them achieve their goals. Putting these habits women must have to be successful in practice isn’t easy but the first step toward achieving your goals.



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